About us

Store front Dec/2015

Generations flowers & gifts... the name pretty much says exactly who and what we are!  Hello! My name is Kelli Boen and I am the owner of Generations.  Our little family shop of floral magic is located in downtown Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, which itself is located just inside the Porcupine Forest Reserve in East Central Saskatchewan (just a little more than a stone's throw from the Manitoba border).  Why all that information - in short, we live in the bush - well, the edge of the bush :)

I bought this wonderful existing flower shop in 2010. The past owner was in the business for over 15 years.  Wanting to make it my own, we did a little revamp, some painting, changed the name and voila! Where did the name Generations come from? Well, it came down to laying out who all is involved and what we were setting out to do.  So besides myself I am lucky to have my creative mother Connie (who is a beautiful floral designer in her own right and is also the store bean counter) , my amazing sisters Cassandra & Angela, who both have a creative flair (and lend more than a hand when I need it!), my Grandmother (known as Baba to all) puts more than her two sense in whether I need it or not :),  and our in store floral designing sweetheart, Loreen, whom I inherited with the shop (in other words, Thank Goodness she and her years of experience stayed with us). So that covers who is involved, now what are we trying to do? We are doing what we enjoy and love and cater to all the different styles and "generations" that make up a small town.  As you can see, the name just fell into place! 

In the past couple of years, I've also had to hire some extra help.  Eighteen months, two pregnancies and three children later, my personal family has been extended by three beautiful boys (and their wonderful father) and my store family has grown to include Barb, who is our store wide product guru with a fast eye for display and an inclination towards floral design! (yay!)

This team of ladies each have a style of their own and unique tastes.  I love discussing things with them and collaborating on things together - it is an atmosphere full of creativity, laughter, and a genuine desire to do one's best and make our customer's happy! 

Generations creates beautiful fresh floral arrangements, in a variety of styles.  We have a good selection of permanent botanicals (silk florals) and make unique pieces for any room of the house, in any season.  Also, we carry live plants, generally tropical houseplants, the selection varying with availability.  Helium Balloons, Canadian-made Chocolates & Fudge, Cards, Kameleon Jewellery, all natural Bath and Body products (I am very proud of these Canadian-made all natural/organic products) like Rocky Mountain Soap Company and Nature's Essential Garden Essential Oils and diffusers, artwork by Frances Walsh, assorted giftware..... we ARE the biggest little giftshop in town!

It is difficult trying to keep up with our fast paced, fast moving digital world when you live on the edge of the bush.  Things here are a bit slower paced (do not mistake that for backward - we are not that far behind!) and products are not as readily available, but again, we do our best and that being said, I thought it was time to enter the world of selling online. We all do it - purchasing things online - so this is our (Generations) first crack at the piñata and bear with us as we work out some kinks and stretch our legs and join in!!

Please feel free to offer feedback, it would be most appreciated.  We are trying to make this a good experience both for us and for you, our customers!  There will be growing pains, but I am hoping they won't be too bad (I have a big bottle of Advil just in case!).

You can contact us at:

Generations flowers & gifts   114B Churchill St.   Box 848   Hudson Bay, SK

ph: (306)865-2410   fx: (306)865-2959   

email: generationsflowers@sasktel.net

you can also follow us on FaceBook, Pinterest and Instagram!

Thanks for reading up on us and I look forward to helping you out with your floral and/or giftware needs!

Kelli Boen

owner, creative thinker, creative designer and one kick ass Momma!